Buy Yourself Something Cheap: Forgotten Japan Edition

Yakuza: Dead Souls
Yakuza Dead Souls

I own all of the Yakuza games, aside from Dead Souls.  Most of the games can be gotten for a song, and until recently this was the one time that rule didn’t hold up.  Dead Souls, the zombie infested version of Yakuza, just seemed to hang out there and demanded to have people pay full price for it.  Clearly the bottom has fallen out on that idea as it can be gotten for cheap.  From what I understand it isn’t the best of the series,  but when you take into consideration that the core series is a crime drama about the worst people in the world with deep and involved plots a zombie side story might not be the most serious thing in the world.

Price: $13
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Resonance of Fate (PS3)

I own Resonance of Fate.  I have played a respectable chunk of the game as well.  My thoughts about it are kind of mixed at best, at worst I don’t know if I could tell you what the plot of the game was besides JRPG and Guns.  That said I thought that it was kind of enjoyable.  For me it came out during sort of a dry spell in both gaming and the genre so I played more than I probably would–although lets be honest, this entire generation has been a dry spell for Japan and their shenanigans.  The game is non-nonsensical, oddly paced, and probably just what you are looking for given the fact you are reading this site.

Price: (PS3) $18
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Record of Argest War Zero: Standard (PS3/360) or Limited (360)

So I own Record of Argest War Zero.  I have only ever opened it to check out the limited edition collectables.  I also, regrettably, bought it from GameStop; meaning that the packaging had of course been opened for no real reason and I had the impression that I might have been missing the case for the music CD.  This is one of the many reasons that I bit the bullet and got Amazon Prime.  I hate waiting to get things I want, but I hate it even more when you pay a premium, are treated like a moron and possible thief, and walk away with a shoddy product.  Record of Argest is a forgettable JRPG, something that we haven’t gotten a ton of this generation.  It is also dirt cheap in all versions now on Amazon (not the PS3 limited, as that sells for almost 70 dollars).

Price: 360 :$15
PS3 : $16
360 Limited: $20


If I am being kind when talking about NeverDead i would say something like, “You have probably never heard of it”.  If I was being honest I would say that it was an attempt by Konami to make another triple A franchise, but instead of giving them the money that they might require to do that, or the marketing to make people even aware that it was a thing.  Most of the reviews that I did hear about the game said that it was fine, but not 60 dollars fine.  I am going to gather from that the current, stupidly low, asking price is just about right for this game.  If you have Amazon Prime it is kind of a no brainer to pick with the free shipping, or if you are just looking for something to play in this the slow season.

Price: About $10
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Rock of the Dead (New, 360)

Rock of the Dead is kind of a terrible game.  Not even in a “so terrible it is good”.  The game was a commercial, critical, ideological, and un-colorful flop. The only reason people even know it was a thing is because they had one of the world’s worst E3 boths ever.  They took mildly attractive women, put on the world’s worst makeup, then made them stand outside in the sun just to make sure that they would not be able to take that stuff off with a Brillo pad and acid.  Also, it wasn’t really an E3 booth as much as it was a booth that was located around hotdog vendors that people running the convention couldn’t legally tell to go away.  Thankfully it is stupid cheap.  So cheap it is more expensive to buy new than used.

Price: .01
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