Spoony Bard Stream Time Fun! Happy Caturday

You only need one finger, but a sword also works.

Do you know what the best day of the week is? It is Caturday. That is because Stark and Gillman talk about anime and play video games while they crack jokes and complain about life in general. Remember, Cat girls are true love.

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Snuggle Cast: Scrub League: DOTA 2

Everyone's best friend, NICK!

Gillman and Nick do what two best friends in the entire world can do with free time to themselves, they play DOTA. This week you get to watch as Gillman’s mom tries to call him in the background, and as a teammate drops from the game about 2 minutes into it.

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Varms TV: Saturday Morning Cartoon Stream: 4/19/14

Insanity, the game

Stark and I continue to push the bounds of both what Twitch will let us archive and what the free streaming software that we use will allow us to do.  Mainly that is why the stream is randomly split into two or more pieces, what can you expect when you are streaming for almost four hours and talking about nothing.  We play through everything that is, currently, in the “story” mode of Broforce and play a good chunk of Half Minute Hero 2.  If that isn’t enough for you we also use our super cute intro gif as well as the really sexy dancing one.  Don’t worry everyone, there is four hours of talk and we pretty much deliver as expected on all fronts.

Watch live video from Varms on TwitchTV

Watch live video from Varms on TwitchTV