Spoony Bard Friday night drink! New Wii U!

This level. For two hours.
Gillman and Stark get levels of drunk that they shouldn’t probably do with open mics around. Don’t worry as they are having a good time and screaming at each other about being both terrible friends and even worse games.  We start off the night not being able to figure out how to multiplayer, fix that by yelling at each other, spend long periods of time frustrated, and then finally go to Monster Hunter where I have one of the best runs of my life–which seems odd as I was pretty drunk at that point.

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Spoony Bard Drunken Friday Night! Nerd Talk with Beers!

Awful, just awful

So we are back with the Friday night stream, or at the very least posting it as an after thought.  Stark, Gillman, and Casey hang out for a couple of hours and shoot the shit while drinking some beers. Regardless of the people not jumping into the chat we manage to have a good time.  The entire thing is about three and a half hours long, so just about the length of your standard Giant Bomb Cast. Sound off in the comments if there is anything that you would like to see going forward, because you are the fans and we totally have no idea what else to do.

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Spoony Bard Podcast: Episode 69: Xboned

Pretty much like this


So Stark and I are at it again, this time we talk about E3.  At the time of recording this stuff was relevant.  It meant something.  Granted, not much has really changed since the recording.  Microsoft has given an inch but still decided that it will fuck anyone that decides to step out of line.  Aside from that we also go off topic in some of the most wonderful ways ever created.  We recorded this awhile ago, but if you listen to our streams at all, which are only not being posted here because instead of being long periods of uninterupted awesome are now broken up pieces of sadness, he still brings up as a major concern.  He thinks that the people offering him the billion dollars are going to force him to take it, one way or another.


Spoony Bard Podcast: Episode 64: Veronica Confirmed for Bro

Strangely most people's favorite DQ


We have had this podcast in the bag for some time now, but it turns out that I wasn’t going to put it up until we got back on some kind of predictable schedule for recording.  While that isn’t true I still think that it is something that we should just go with.

We talk about Dragon Quest and how it makes us feel happy just knowing that series is out there.  Stark discusses like the series since it came out, while I am kind of a late comer to the party and talk about the possible influences that kept me from like the 8th one at all.  There is the normal off topic conversation, even though we probably talk way more coherently than we should considering the amount that we drank that night.

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Varms.Net: Lazy Marathon: Yakuza: Episode 3

The third Episode has finally appeared, to the happiness of none! If you are like the rest of the world and could totally wait, here it is! Watch as Stark and Gillman continue playing through the First Yakuza game!