Weekly Anime Round-Up: June 25th – July 1st

The spring season is finally wrapping up, and some shows from the summer season should be starting next week.  Whatever shows I decide to pick up for the summer season will be added here as they pop up, and Accel World, AKB0048, and Space Brothers will continue to air into the next season.  Three shows have come to an end this week, so let’s see how things have wrapped up…

Accel World:  Episode 12

This week was yet another excellent episode.  The big showdown with the Chrome Disaster is finally here, and this fight won’t disappoint.  Haru finally gets serious and proves his worth, amidst his own issues of self-esteem and even a bit of betrayal.  Unfortunately for Haru, it would seem he may have some new problems coming his way, but at least he got some cookies out of the deal…

AKB0048:  Episode 9

After fighting off the DES in space, everyone has finally made it to a planet in dire need of some, dare I say it, fun.  This sad, snowy world is like some sort of Soviet dystopia, full of misery and poverty.  The girls devise a new tactic to deal with the increased DES presence, involving “mini concerts” around the town to distract the police and entertain the townspeople until the real concert begins.  This show has stayed true to the formula of being both ridiculous and entertaining.

Haiyore! Nyaruko-San:  Episode 12 END

As Mahiro discovers how bland his life is without his fan club of adorable abominations, he soon finds out he has fallen into an enemy trap.  A terrible group of monsters wants Mahiro dead so they can indulge in erotic video games, because world domination is so cliché these days.  This show was a blast to watch from beginning to end, and was one of the best shows of the season.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed in hopes that they will do another season of this show.

Natsuiro Kiseki:  Episode 12 END
(A Summer-Colored Miracle)

This time the rock traps the girls into a time loop of an endless summer vacation.  Don’t worry; this isn’t as torturous as the infamous Endless Eight.  The girls make a few more attempts at the idol audition, and even squeeze in some extra fun until they decide to find a way to escape the endless summer.  This show didn’t end the way I wanted it to, it did wrap up everything as best as it could.  While I did enjoy this show, it should be noted that this was a very average slice of life show that had a lot of ups and downs throughout the series.

Sankarea:  Episode 12 END

Now that things are settled with Rea’s crazy father, Chihiro is back to dealing with the issue of finding out how to preserve Rea’s body.  I’m not going to lie; the ending to this show was pretty awful.  Nothing is concluded.  You won’t find out if Chihiro can extend Rea’s life, and you won’t find out if Rea or Wanko ever win over Chihiro.  Something really strange happens at the end and the show suddenly stops, with no explanation at all.  This show managed to keep me watching each week, but between the lousy ending and some pacing issues, this turned out to be one of the bigger disappointments of the season.

Space Brothers:  Episode 13

This week the testing continues within the isolation chambers.  As the candidates are given a series of unusual tasks, rivalries have begun to form and some of the candidates are growing judgmental of their teammates.  This story arc is a bit of a low point for this show, as it seems that “slice of isolated life” just isn’t very interesting.

Weekly Anime Round-Up: June 18th- June 24th

This week things are finally back in full swing now that all of the shows have returned from break. This also draws this season closer to the end, as two shows will air their final episodes next week. Their weekly round-up will be short over the next few weeks as the transition to the next season begins, but Accel World and Space Brothers will still be airing. Speaking of Accel World…

Accel World:  Episode 11

Fans of Accel World are in for a huge treat this week, as this has been the best episode of the show so far. Yellow Radio may have trapped Haru and company, but he will soon find out that a group with two other Legion masters is not such an easy catch. Brain Burst combat turns into all-out warfare in the most exciting and action packed episode of the season.

AKB0048:  Episode 8

The time has finally come for the girls to travel to the planet where their first big concert is being held, on a world where combat with the DES is certain. This time the DES is pretty serious about stomping out the fun before it even begins, and they attack the Idol’s starship as they are traveling to the planet where the concert will take place. Get ready to see a mecha battle that some fans claim was better than the fights in Macross Frontier. If you’re having fun watching this show, don’t worry – I won’t turn you in.

Haiyore! Nyaruko-San:  Episode 11

This week Mahiro finds a lost little girl on his doorstep, which happens to be yet another abomination taking the form of a cute girl. Nyaruko’s motherly instinct kicks in as she makes sure to provide what every growing girl needs – a hentai video game. As usual, there are plenty of laughs to be had in this week’s episode, and I’m already feeling sad that next week will be the final episode.

Natsuiro Kiseki:  Episode 11
(A Summer-Colored Miracle)

With the end of summer vacation drawing near (as well as Saki’s big move), the girls head back to Tokyo for an idol audition. Unfortunately, Yuka begins to cave into the pressure of the situation just as the girls find out that passing this audition may be the only way for Saki to stay with her friends. Check out this week’s episode to find out if the girls make the grade…

Sankarea:  Episode 11

The time of the big showdown has finally arrived. As Chihiro is forced to face off with Dan’ichiro, Rea barges into the mansion to save him.  This week features yet another disturbing room within the Sanka manor – the cosplay dungeon…

Space Brothers:  Episode 12

All three teams are sealed away in the isolation chambers and are given the task of trying to figure out what time it is after travelling on a bus with no windows and walking around a dark, top secret training facility. Mutta puts his “luck” to use yet again to ace the test, making up an elaborate story about seeing the bus odometer, when in reality he saw a clock on the bus dashboard on his way out. Since each of the three groups are charged with the task of selecting two people from their group to become astronauts at the end of testing, they each begin to discuss how they are going to go about making the choice…

Weekly Anime Round-Up: June 11th-June 17th

This week is yet another short one, with two shows taking a one week hiatus. Both Sankarea and Natsuiro Kiseki did not air this week; however I have added a new show to the round up. I have caught up with an amazing show called Space Brothers, and I will give a quick summary of what the show is about before discussing this week’s episode.

Accel World:  Episode 10

After taking last week off, Haru and company are back for more reality-bending game time. The Red King joins the group as they travel to the “true” game world of Brain Burst to hunt down the Chrome Disaster. There will be cliffhanger ending this week, which makes me happy they waited to air this after taking a break.

AKB0048:  Episode 7

With some of the current AKB successors attending a special ceremony, a few of the girls are chosen to stand in for them at an upcoming concert, causing some jealousy among the girls that didn’t make the grade. Things become even more complicated when Chieri’s family secret is revealed. As the drama unfolds, some of the girls sneak off to investigate a “forbidden area” under the training compound…

Haiyore! Nyaruko-San:  Episode 10

While Mahiro and Nyaruko are waiting for the soul-swapping beam to recharge in order to return to their bodies, a new threat arrives on Earth. This episode takes a huge jab at Tokyo Governor Ishihara’s infamous anime/manga regulation laws, as Earth is attacked by an alien with similar political views. Can Mahiro and his crew of adorable abominations save mankind from extreme right-wing space politics?  Check out this week’s episode and find out!

Space Brothers:  Episodes 1-11

This is yet another interesting show I wanted to pick up earlier in the season, but with so many great shows running, I glanced over this.  Fortunately, I found the time to get up to speed on this show and I am going to add it to the weekly roundup. Space Brothers is about two brothers, Mutta and Habito Nanba, who see a UFO as children and become interested in becoming astronauts. Habito grows up and actually becomes an astronaut, training for a mission on the moon, while his older brother, Mutta, designs cars for an auto manufacturer.

When Mutta loses his job, his parents enroll him in JAXA’s (Japan’s version of NASA) astronaut entry exams. This show could best be described as a “slice of life” anime about aspiring astronauts. This show takes place in the not too distant future and is grounded in reality. Many of the locations and technologies that appear in the show are based on their real-world counterparts. It would seem the aim of this series is to spark interest in space programs around the world and show how much effort is put into selecting and training astronauts.

In this week’s episode, Mutta finally arrives at the top secret JAXA facility where the final entrance exam is taking place. All of the candidates are shown a video of a recent spacecraft accident and then they are given one last chance to back out of the final exam. With the paperwork completed, the candidates are placed into three groups and then sealed into a small living space, where they will stay for two weeks for the final tests…

Weekly Anime Round-Up: June4th-June10th

This has been a sad week, as two shows in the round up have reached an early end at 10 episodes and Accel World has taken a one week hiatus—also has been news Sankarea will be having a one week hiatus for this coming episode as well.  With two great shows over, I have been contemplating catching up on other shows from this season to fill the void, if time allows.

AKB0048:  Episode 6

This week the girls learn about dealing with haters.  With an upcoming “handshake” event, one of the idols will have to confront an angry fan that sent hate mail along with a bomb threat.  When the DES forces try to crash the handshaking event, AKB0048 fans take a turn at fighting the fun-hating space marines, with glow stick RPGs and combat mechs painted like itasha (cars with anime girls painted on them by devoted fans).

Haiyore! Nyaruko-San:  Episode 9

Just as Nyaruko is about to start taking her job of protecting the dreamlands seriously, Mahiro and her are struck with a beam that causes them to swap bodies.  While the whole body swapping trope is rather worn out in anime (Natsurio did this a few episodes ago), Nyaruko’s obsessive perversion makes for some hilarious moments.  And of course, Kuuko and Hastur are trying to take advantage of the situation as well.

Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka?  OF THE DEAD:  Episode 10 (End)
(Is This a Zombie?  2nd season)

This week concludes the 2nd season of Korean Zombie Desk Car.  While this was not a bad episode at all, this episode did not deliver a satisfying ending.  There were plenty of good laughs to be had, but the battle with magiclad girl Chris we have all been waiting for isn’t going to happen.  Studio Deen has announced there will be an OVA coming up, but most fans are hoping they will do a third season to bring a more satisfying conclusion to the story that has built up over this season.  This show had me laughing every week, and I’m going to dearly miss it.

Natsuiro Kiseki:  Episode 10
(A Summer-Colored Miracle)

This week things have finally returned to full swing for this show.  This time another wish on the rock causes the girls to get mixed up into a timeline with themselves as children.  This wish causes the girls to realize how much trouble they were as kids, especially when they are armed with nunchaku and pepper spray.

Sankarea:  Episode 10

This episode finally picks up after the events of episode 8.  This week Chihiro finds himself under the “hospitality” of the Sanka household.  Dan’ichio’s lonely, drunken wife fills in Chihiro about the strange and twisted history of how they met.  As I mentioned earlier, this show will not be airing in the upcoming week, so we will have to wait a couple weeks to see what happens next.

Upotte!!:  Episode 10 (End)

This week is a sad week for anime fans/gun enthusiasts, as Upotte has come to an early conclusion at 10 episodes.  Fortunately this show about guns as cute girls ended with a huge helping of action and thrills.  There are gun battles galore as the girls representing Russian-made firearms turn a shopping center into a warzone.    This was a very fun and unique show, and I have to admit I’m sad to see it is over.

Weekly Anime Round-Up: May 27th-June 3rd

The end of the spring anime season is slowly creeping up, as after this week there are only 3 episodes left for most of the shows airing.  On yet another interesting side note, Zombies became all the rage again this week.  For all you anime fans that are not concerned about the zombie apocalypse, (or maybe the ones that are hoping all zombies are as cute as Rea) here is this week’s round up!

Accel World:  Episode 9

The Red King finally reveals she is trying to use Haru to defeat a being known as the Chrome disaster, a terrible monster that once brought chaos to the Accel world.  There is some hilarious jealousy between Kuroyukihime and Yuniko that results in the both of them sleeping over at Haru’s house.  There is a scene where the three of them go shopping at a supermarket, showing off the technology of this world by demonstrating the “augmented reality” created by the neuro linkers everyone uses.

AKB0048:  Episode 5

And now it’s time for this week’s episode of “Interstellar Idol Manufacturing.”  As the girls begin to fall into the routine of daily training, some of them begin to question the leadership structure of the group.  Two of the girls begin to search for the mysterious “S-Quadruple,” the entity behind all of the idol group’s songs, and most likely the leader of AKB0048.

Haiyore! Nyaruko-San:  Episode 8

In this episode of anime’s answer to Family Guy, things have returned to the normal pace of insanity.  This week Mahiro and company wind up getting sucked into a dating sim game, and the only way out is to spark off a romance.  I am biased towards this episode because they had an awesome reference to Guilty Gear, one of my favorite fighting games of all time.  They get bonus points for making Hastur into Bridget.

Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka?  OF THE DEAD:  Episode 9
(Is This a Zombie?  2nd season)

Since Kyoko’s advice on defeating magical girl Chris doesn’t seem like it will work, Ayumu must find an alternative.  It seems Eu has a friend from the underworld that may just be powerful enough to beat Chris.  Lucky for Ayumu, this denizen of the underworld happens to be a busty manga artist that only wants help drawing her book.

Natsuiro Kiseki:  Episode 9
(A Summer-Colored Miracle)

This time the girls make more trouble for Saki with yet another accidental wish, even though the rock is far away at home.  Now poor Saki has been turned invisible.  While I was glad to have more rock wish fun, this show has suffered from some quality issues in the past couple episodes.  While things have improved a bit, there is a lot of bland scenery and crumby coloring throughout this episode.  It is truly a shame, since this show actually had beautiful scenery earlier in the season.

Sankarea:  Episode 9

Remember that cliffhanger ending from last week?  Remember being excited for this week’s episode to see what happened?  Too bad, you get a filler episode instead.  This episode revolves around Chihiro’s younger sister Meru, and takes place before the events of the last episode.  Unless you are interested in seeing a day in the life of Meru and her friends, you could totally skip this week’s episode and not miss a thing.

Upotte!!:  Episode 9

It’s Upotte’s turn for the obligatory beach episode, with even more bath time.  There is some very heavy “beam of light” censorship during the bath scene, perhaps to encourage the otaku to buy the uncut blurays.  I’m not one to gripe about that sort of thing, but it was so laughably bad that they should have just cut the scene altogether.  Once the fuzzy bath scene is over, however, the action heats up when the masked AK-47 girls deliver some mayhem.  If you thought Sako and Galil were trouble, wait until you get a load of these girls.