Atelier-a-thon! Mana Khemia 2! Spoony Bard Edition!

A nice little video treat for everyone who is still hanging around the site and love all things Varms, Stark and I do a weekly stream on Saturday.  The good news is that almost all of them have been archived.  The better news is that most of them are now finding their way over to YouTube.  If any of you want download version of this stuff, let me know and it will probably be on the site later that afternoon.  I am attempting to do a marathon type run of most of the Atelier games I haven’t beaten.  This is part 2, with Stark.

Mygamer Video Cast Awesome Blast! Heroes of Might and Magic III: HD

Have you ever wondered what a stream would be like if one of the people on it really didn’t like the game and the other person wanted to defend it until the end of time? That is this stream, and that is what we are doing this week on the Mygamer visual cast. Zack finally decided to open up and share something that he once enjoyed with Gillman, and it promptly got destroyed for every reason that anyone could think of. Isn’t friendship grand?

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Mygamer Video Cast Awesome Blast! Mario Kart new tracks

Best track, hands down

Current classic rises again, this time in the form that is Mario Kart 8 and in the amazing ways that contain 8 different and new tracks and three additional racers. The tracks are pulled into two wonderful cups that we play through for everyone. Don’t worry, fans of our off topic bitching will get everything that they love as we devolve into complaining about how quickly Nintendo loves pulling the rug out from under their fans.

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Mygamer Streaming Cast Awesome Blast! Bayonetta 2


Zack and Gillman sit down for a long conversation about all things amazing, including recent Wii U games. Sadly this does not include recent purchases of PlayStation TVs or giving members watching at home free codes to things as they don’t seem to be listening. That doesn’t bother us as we continue to stream regardless.

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Spoony Bard Stream Time Fun! Happy Caturday

Happens to the best of us

Gillman and Stark hang out for another wonderful Saturday morning of nothing really important. The one difference this week from most is that they are attempting to have infectious diseases kill most of man kind. No Really. What else are you expected to do when you play through Plague Inc.

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