Plasma Pistol Kills Germs, Doesn’t Burn Flesh

When you say plasma, I think super-heated gas—or the fourth state of matter.  Well researchers at China’s Huazhong University of Science and Technology would like you to start thinking about skin care, because sure.  It turns out that bacteria has a very adverse reaction to plasma and kind of just dies when exposed to it, even at room temperate, so the use of a “beam” is a great way to sanitize objects that might otherwise have become resistant to the normal means.  The beam itself seems to be able to sink through 17 layers of flesh, which is 14 more than I thought we had, to kill the microbes.  The best part is that it apparently has no ill-effects on the person it is being used on because it isn’t superhot—even though I thought that was the point of plasma, that is good too.

While this is interesting and everything, I am glad that we are expanding our plasma knowledge—I would really like a light saber before I die.  Even though I think that we should all feel warm and wonderful inside that this is something that will make humanity a better place and everything, it was already designed to kind of look like a flashlight… so you have a sword hilt angle covered right there.  We just need this to be, and for some reason able to repel other plasma for some reason.

Source: The Register

Google Make Internet Eyewear

Oh Google, you give me everything that I always wanted:  a functional search engine that almost always gives me the results that I am looking for, a phone that you have to pay George Lucas to reference, and now a pair of glasses that I can surf the net with by talking to.  This morning Google unveiled that it has been working on a pair of glasses that will allow users to get directions, weather updates, and probably several other things simply by talking to it. Not only does this mean that I can read the newest Seanbaby article on Cracked while driving to work in the morning, I can also figure out how much my insurance is going to go up for driving off the road/kill a guy while doing so.

The truth is that this technology has been around since the mid-90’s, it has just been massive in size –normally requiring something the size of a large laptop in computer parts strapped to one’s back—and only ever really the toy of MIT graduate students trying to get a job at Microsoft.  Google is the first company to step forward and say that they are going to make a commercial grade device that anyone can use, which is great and I will pretty much buy the moment that they figure out how I can control the browsing with my eye movement.  I don’t need to let the people at work overhear me telling my glasses terrible things.

Source: Reuters

Robot Arm Made With SCIENCE!

NASA and GM have decided to work together to create a device that will allow workers who must do repeated physical tasks (holding something or using a nail gun) throughout the day to experience less hand/arm strain by helping exert a small amount of addition pressure on the object being used. As odd as the pairing of the two organizations is it would make sense that they are both very interested in this as they are both quickly eliminating all jobs that would require the use of it.  With NASA’s budget being slashed as badly it is it is always nice to see that they are still advancing technology for the rest of the world, even without funding.

The best part of this story, for me, is that this is just another step for man to merge with the robots that we must one day do battle with.  This is the kind of thing that will hopefully one day allow us to see that we are not that different from each other, and possibly find a bridge to peace with.  In the same instance if it doesn’t it will allow us to fire our automatic rifles for longer periods of time at their soulless metal bodies that long to feast on our flesh to fuel their furnaces of hell.

Source:  PC MAG

Science Makes a Race Car for Germs

A 3D printer is the greatest thing ever. All you need to do is feed it material and it can create anything that you program into it, as long as you assemble it after if it has moving parts.  I guess that most of the time there are two ways to go with this kind of tech, either massively giant or super small.  Clearly Vienna University is on the same page as everyone here at Varms and thinks that Nano tech is the wave of the future, so they have decided to go that way with their device—which is skillful enough to create great detail and the fastest device on the planet for lines etched in a set period (think a dot-matrix printer, but in 3D making things).  It might not be exciting for everyone, but this is the first step to creating the parts for the robots that will mess with our cells to allow us to live forever.

One thing that I have found that is always good to remember is that science is completely done/run by nerds.  I am not judging, as I am one of their ranks, as much as I am super happy that most of the time that first thing that gets tested with most things is something that I would probably do.  I would have made Rorona from the Atelier series, but I will also accept bacteria sized racecar.


Step One: Firefighting Robots. Step Two: All Dead

It seems like people can’t leave well enough alone.  Several days ago we reported that people were enabling robots to outrun man, now people are making them fire proof.  In an attempt to, “save human lives,” and, “protect people from danger,” the military is designing—if not putting into production—a robot firefighter.  Don’t worry, unlike normal firefighters these robots will not only have axes with the probable strength to put it cleanly through a human skull, but they also come equipped with fire suppression grenades.  Because arming our future masters with advanced weaponry is the first step to Skynet.  Or Planet of the Apes.  I forget which.

It doesn’t seem to be enough that they are making these robots and giving them all of the means to destroy us.  If they make it fireproof it can sit and watch as we all slowly burn to death.  Oh, don’t worry, they are programming it basic with gesture understanding.  That means that while you are suffering through your death it will know that you are trying to tell it how much pain you are in.  Apparently they are all going to have, “masters” that they follow to help put out fires.  I am sure that none of that could ever backfire.  Thankfully they only have 30 minutes of power, so if we can outlast them and hide the power sockets we might be able to make it through.

Source: Wired