Japanese “Cyber-Attack” Detection Software Influenced By Anime

The NCIT (National Institute of Information and Communications Technology) of Japan has recently unveiled a new system designed to perform surveillance on a part of the internet known as the “darknet”. The darknet is basically the internet’s shady underground – a place where the bad guys of cyber space commit nefarious deeds, such as distributing viruses. NCIT’s new surveillance system, DAEDALUS (Direct Alert Environment for Darknet and Livenet Unified Security), watches over this part of the internet while paying homage to a popular anime series.

The graphical interface of DAEDALUS looks like something right out of Ghost in the Shell, a series of Manga, films, and TV shows about fighting the high-tech crimes of the future. It seems this is more than mere coincidence, since it has been stated that the creator of this system was influenced by the films. Watch the video to see DAEDALUS in action.

Video link:

Source:  Asiajin.com

Panasonic Testing Shampoo Robot

Patrons of the Tokyo hair salon, Super Hair Seo will be among the first to try out Panasonic’s new “Head Care Robot.”  Developed for use by the elderly and the disabled, Panasonic claims this machine provides a more relaxing hair washing experience than even a human can provide.  The robot uses 24 “fingers” to massage the scalp and work up a lather during the cleaning cycle.

The robot first scans the user’s head, then washes and rinses the scalp while massaging it.  The robot then finishes with a conditioner and will even blow-dry your hair, while the machine continues to massage your scalp.  Panasonic hopes to produce a commercial version of the machine once it has gone through its trials.

Source:  Cnet.com