Varms TV: Saturday Morning Cartoon Stream: 4/19/14

Insanity, the game

Stark and I continue to push the bounds of both what Twitch will let us archive and what the free streaming software that we use will allow us to do.  Mainly that is why the stream is randomly split into two or more pieces, what can you expect when you are streaming for almost four hours and talking about nothing.  We play through everything that is, currently, in the “story” mode of Broforce and play a good chunk of Half Minute Hero 2.  If that isn’t enough for you we also use our super cute intro gif as well as the really sexy dancing one.  Don’t worry everyone, there is four hours of talk and we pretty much deliver as expected on all fronts.

Watch live video from Varms on TwitchTV

Watch live video from Varms on TwitchTV

Awesome New Fighting Game Site: Betting Included

If you are wondering, Saske wins because HE IS CHEAP

So for a really long time there has been an open source fighting game engine out there called “mugen”, which I am told means “infinite” in Japanese, where people can create their own character and basically make the fantasy fighting game of their dreams play out in a 2D sprite based game.  I am not really one to judge, but whatever.  The reason I bring this up now, as this game has been out for years at this point, is that someone decided to start a twitch channel running the game with every single character they could find–then allow people to place fake money on who will win.  It sounds like watching a crazy MS Paint version of what someone thinks Trunks+Vegeta at level 4 super sayen will look like, but it is even better to watch that character get destroyed by Barney’s power of love.

The site is free to sign up for, although it has a paid option if you want to basically either donate or raise the min. amount of fake money you can have at any point.  The chat room is your standard insanity and worthlessness fest, even though it is hard to turn off because they do randomly through out good advice about characters–even if it is hidden in thousands of posts of garbage.

You can find the site here.

This Week in Stream: 4/13/13


This week Gillman and Zack attack Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch!  We talk to our fans in the chat room and discuss important things in life, like why frogs can’t open chests, why decoding things in games is hard to do, and why Gillman always really quickly goes to odd, dark humor.  Let us know what you think in the comments or by following us on twitch!

Don’t worry, this is for all of you out there that wonder what it is like when I doing something that I try to be serious during.  The answer is some kind of weird joke that treats women like objects that no one else gets.  Check out for more of the same attempts by me.

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This week in streaming: Gal Gun

Teachers are lewd

I am not going to tell you that Stark and I are going to do a podcast like stream once a week, because that would be a terrible lie.  I will tell you that we will probably get together every now and then and do one, probably with a couple of drinks in us.  This week we played Gal Gun, a Japanese import where you attack women with some kind of random pheromone gun to make them stop chasing after you.  Also they only stop once they have climaxed, so there is that too.

Watch live video from varms on TwitchTV

There is a little bit of an audio issue when we first start off, because this was really the first time since we have started streaming that I figured everything one how most of these programs work, so if that bothers you at all you can skip right to about the five minute mark when everything is figured out and we are up to our normally middling standards.

Teachers don't care about others, they just want to get their O face on

On the off chance you that you aren’t following us on twitch, you should.  You can almost always find Casey (the comic guy) and myself streaming almost every day.  Worst case you normally just deal with me, and I take suggestions and comments while I am streaming which basically makes it 20 times more viewer friendly than this site.

Varms has a Twitch Channel

Twitch, not tweek

For those of you who aren’t following me on twitter, (@gillman and you totally should) you probably don’t know that for the last couple of weeks I have been building up some content so that when I finally decided that I should let the word in on the experience there is something to watch.  Well I have a couple dozen hours out there, so you should go check it out.  For the most part I have figured out all of the odd technical issues that have been plaguing me/us up to this point so we should be good. As an added bonus if you want to dig through the past stuff you can even find some awesome content of Stark and I drinking and playing games, as well as an 8 hour series of videos of when Casey (our comic artist in residence) came across the country just to hang out.

As always, let us know what you think:

You can always find out we are doing this live via twitter (@gillman)


Watch live video from varms on TwitchTV