Weekly Anime Round-Up: June4th-June10th

This has been a sad week, as two shows in the round up have reached an early end at 10 episodes and Accel World has taken a one week hiatus—also has been news Sankarea will be having a one week hiatus for this coming episode as well.  With two great shows over, I have been contemplating catching up on other shows from this season to fill the void, if time allows.

AKB0048:  Episode 6

This week the girls learn about dealing with haters.  With an upcoming “handshake” event, one of the idols will have to confront an angry fan that sent hate mail along with a bomb threat.  When the DES forces try to crash the handshaking event, AKB0048 fans take a turn at fighting the fun-hating space marines, with glow stick RPGs and combat mechs painted like itasha (cars with anime girls painted on them by devoted fans).

Haiyore! Nyaruko-San:  Episode 9

Just as Nyaruko is about to start taking her job of protecting the dreamlands seriously, Mahiro and her are struck with a beam that causes them to swap bodies.  While the whole body swapping trope is rather worn out in anime (Natsurio did this a few episodes ago), Nyaruko’s obsessive perversion makes for some hilarious moments.  And of course, Kuuko and Hastur are trying to take advantage of the situation as well.

Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka?  OF THE DEAD:  Episode 10 (End)
(Is This a Zombie?  2nd season)

This week concludes the 2nd season of Korean Zombie Desk Car.  While this was not a bad episode at all, this episode did not deliver a satisfying ending.  There were plenty of good laughs to be had, but the battle with magiclad girl Chris we have all been waiting for isn’t going to happen.  Studio Deen has announced there will be an OVA coming up, but most fans are hoping they will do a third season to bring a more satisfying conclusion to the story that has built up over this season.  This show had me laughing every week, and I’m going to dearly miss it.

Natsuiro Kiseki:  Episode 10
(A Summer-Colored Miracle)

This week things have finally returned to full swing for this show.  This time another wish on the rock causes the girls to get mixed up into a timeline with themselves as children.  This wish causes the girls to realize how much trouble they were as kids, especially when they are armed with nunchaku and pepper spray.

Sankarea:  Episode 10

This episode finally picks up after the events of episode 8.  This week Chihiro finds himself under the “hospitality” of the Sanka household.  Dan’ichio’s lonely, drunken wife fills in Chihiro about the strange and twisted history of how they met.  As I mentioned earlier, this show will not be airing in the upcoming week, so we will have to wait a couple weeks to see what happens next.

Upotte!!:  Episode 10 (End)

This week is a sad week for anime fans/gun enthusiasts, as Upotte has come to an early conclusion at 10 episodes.  Fortunately this show about guns as cute girls ended with a huge helping of action and thrills.  There are gun battles galore as the girls representing Russian-made firearms turn a shopping center into a warzone.    This was a very fun and unique show, and I have to admit I’m sad to see it is over.

Weekly Anime Round-Up: May 27th-June 3rd

The end of the spring anime season is slowly creeping up, as after this week there are only 3 episodes left for most of the shows airing.  On yet another interesting side note, Zombies became all the rage again this week.  For all you anime fans that are not concerned about the zombie apocalypse, (or maybe the ones that are hoping all zombies are as cute as Rea) here is this week’s round up!

Accel World:  Episode 9

The Red King finally reveals she is trying to use Haru to defeat a being known as the Chrome disaster, a terrible monster that once brought chaos to the Accel world.  There is some hilarious jealousy between Kuroyukihime and Yuniko that results in the both of them sleeping over at Haru’s house.  There is a scene where the three of them go shopping at a supermarket, showing off the technology of this world by demonstrating the “augmented reality” created by the neuro linkers everyone uses.

AKB0048:  Episode 5

And now it’s time for this week’s episode of “Interstellar Idol Manufacturing.”  As the girls begin to fall into the routine of daily training, some of them begin to question the leadership structure of the group.  Two of the girls begin to search for the mysterious “S-Quadruple,” the entity behind all of the idol group’s songs, and most likely the leader of AKB0048.

Haiyore! Nyaruko-San:  Episode 8

In this episode of anime’s answer to Family Guy, things have returned to the normal pace of insanity.  This week Mahiro and company wind up getting sucked into a dating sim game, and the only way out is to spark off a romance.  I am biased towards this episode because they had an awesome reference to Guilty Gear, one of my favorite fighting games of all time.  They get bonus points for making Hastur into Bridget.

Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka?  OF THE DEAD:  Episode 9
(Is This a Zombie?  2nd season)

Since Kyoko’s advice on defeating magical girl Chris doesn’t seem like it will work, Ayumu must find an alternative.  It seems Eu has a friend from the underworld that may just be powerful enough to beat Chris.  Lucky for Ayumu, this denizen of the underworld happens to be a busty manga artist that only wants help drawing her book.

Natsuiro Kiseki:  Episode 9
(A Summer-Colored Miracle)

This time the girls make more trouble for Saki with yet another accidental wish, even though the rock is far away at home.  Now poor Saki has been turned invisible.  While I was glad to have more rock wish fun, this show has suffered from some quality issues in the past couple episodes.  While things have improved a bit, there is a lot of bland scenery and crumby coloring throughout this episode.  It is truly a shame, since this show actually had beautiful scenery earlier in the season.

Sankarea:  Episode 9

Remember that cliffhanger ending from last week?  Remember being excited for this week’s episode to see what happened?  Too bad, you get a filler episode instead.  This episode revolves around Chihiro’s younger sister Meru, and takes place before the events of the last episode.  Unless you are interested in seeing a day in the life of Meru and her friends, you could totally skip this week’s episode and not miss a thing.

Upotte!!:  Episode 9

It’s Upotte’s turn for the obligatory beach episode, with even more bath time.  There is some very heavy “beam of light” censorship during the bath scene, perhaps to encourage the otaku to buy the uncut blurays.  I’m not one to gripe about that sort of thing, but it was so laughably bad that they should have just cut the scene altogether.  Once the fuzzy bath scene is over, however, the action heats up when the masked AK-47 girls deliver some mayhem.  If you thought Sako and Galil were trouble, wait until you get a load of these girls.

Weekly Anime Round-Up: May 20th-May 27th

It’s that time again!  Oh yeah, Cartoon Network brought back Toonami this week.  Anyone that actually keeps up with the shows in this feature is probably not interested, since the lineup mostly consists of old shows anyway.  I just thought it was worth mentioning to all you anime fans with a thing for nostalgia.

Accel World:  Episode 8

Haru has made it to level 4, but has hit a rough spot in his progress.  Awkward moments run rampant for Haru when he returns home to a strange little girl that insists she is his distant cousin.  Like most little girls in anime, her cuteness is second only to her abilities as a killing machine.  Prepare yourself for yet another awesome Brain Burst battle.

AKB0048:  Episode 4

Idol Self Promotion: The Animated Series continues as the girls arrive at the city where they will live and train to become the next generation of AKB0048 members.  This week the girls learn that dance instruction is as tough as combat training (!?), as well as seeing the toll taken on girls that just can’t seem to make the grade.  While I have to admit I was disappointed that this week’s episode did not have idol vs. space marine combat, it was still fun to watch.

Haiyore! Nyaruko-San:  Episode 7

This episode is the second part of the obligatory beach episode.  There are a ton of laughs in the beginning, during what is the most hilarious breakfast conversation of all time.  Unfortunately, things go in a strange direction when Mahiro’s rejection of Nyaruko gets out of hand and he has to make things up to her with a date.  The second half of the episode seems to leave behind the zany formula for a more traditional romantic comedy, and it all just seemed out of place for this show.  While this episode was far from terrible, I felt it was the weakest one I have seen so far.

Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka?  OF THE DEAD:  Episode 8
(Is This a Zombie?  2nd season)

Now that the all-powerful magical-girl Chris has freed herself of the curse that trapped her in the body of a middle-aged man, Ayamu and company have to find a way to stop her.  This forces Ayamu to ask for help from the only person that knows Chris’s weakness- Kyoko, the magical girl/serial killer that took his life.  Anyone who has been waiting for Kyoko’s return to the show will be more than happy with this week’s episode and the generous helping of Kyoko fan service.

Natsuiro Kiseki:  Episode 8
(A Summer-Colored Miracle)

With Saki’s move drawing ever closer, the girls decide to take a trip together.  They eventually decide they will all travel to the island that Saki is moving to, so they can all see what her future hometown will be like.  There is a very interesting confrontation towards the end of this episode that will leave viewers curious.  For some reason the credits roll early in the episode, and it actually continues for a few minutes after the credit roll, so be sure to keep watching.

Sankarea:  Episode 8

Rea finally convinces Chihiro to give her a day of fun “as a normal girl.”  A peaceful day of shopping at the mall is not what it seems with agents sent by Rea’s father lurking around every corner.  It seems there is no rest for a boy and his zombie girlfriend…

Upotte!!:  Episode 8

This week preparations are underway for what is the craziest school festival in all of anime.  It’s strange enough that this festival has tanks and fighter jets rolling in for the festival, but it’s even more entertaining to see the instructors being delighted by collateral damages caused by the festivities being set up.  Oh, and the girls will be showing off their maid costumes, just in case you thought all that military hardware was going to take the moe down a notch.  M-16’s jungle-camouflage maid outfit is pretty damn awesome, by the way.